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BuzzRack Buzzy Bee H4
The BUZZYBEE H4 is a very simple and easy product to use to carry 4 bikes on a 2? hitch receiver. The strongframe will securely transport 4 bikes for a very affordable price. FRAME - Made of steel, the frame is quite elegant, convenient to use and light compared to most products in this category. - We use a special outdoor powder coating that will protect your product during intensive use. HITCH MOUNT - BUZZYBEE H4 fits 2? hitch receivers. - The special Buzz wrench is included for the installation of the product on the tow ball. ANTI-WOBBLE: Instead of the classic hitch pin, we supply a special bolt that will prevent the wobble of the rack. An special lock can be purchased separately to lock the product to the car. WHEEL SUPPORTS - The wheel holders will accommodate all wheelbases, even very small children’s bikes. - The straps allow a secure attachment of the wheels and the pads protect the rims. - The straps are long enough to hold the biggest rims. FRAME ATTACHMENT - The attachment pads offer the maximal protection of the bike frame. - The straps and protective pads ensure a firm and secure fit of the bike on the platform. - An additional safety strap is supplied to secure all the bikes together. TILTING: The BUZZYBEE H2 can be folded if you want to keep it on your car without having parking issues. SAFETY: We supply a safety strap to fix all the bikes together and to the rack.
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