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Road Shoes

Shimano SH-R087 Shoes
$114.99 - $115.99
Shimano SH-R087 Road Bike Shoes: The Road Competition series combines the three most important properties of a competitive racing shoe: Stability, Rigidity and Light Weight. There are two primary considerations for a shoe at this price-point: comfort and performance. Are both considerations covered on what is essentially an entry-level shoe? Thankfully, the R087 provides plenty of bang for your buck on both fronts. These arrived for test some time ago but have become the go-to shoe for casual riding and training. Save the super-bling carbon soles for serious training or racing. Two Velcro straps and a ratchet buckle ensure a snug, secure and comfortable fit, with no sign of slippage nor discomfort during a long ride. And the stretch-resistant leather upper has maintained its shape throughout. A generous amount of mesh material and a series of small holes provide plenty of ventilation when riding in warm weather, although, like most shoes, you’ll need an oversock or overshoe to keep the wind out through winter. But that’ll help keep them clean anyway as the R087 is only available in white. As for performance, the fibreglass reinforced polyamide sole is stiff and compatible with SPD-SL and SPD cleats. Our pair weigh 700g with Shimano SPD-SL cleats fitted. One word of caution; fit is on the small side so order a size up. On the plus side, a wide fit option is available through all sizes. So all that makes for an excellent shoe ideal for, as Shimano told us from the outset, club and recreation riding.
Shimano SH-R241 Shoes
The R241 is an elite, heat moldable shoe, second only to the R320 in Shimano's vast lineup of well-engineered shoes. Shimano perfected a method of head-molding to achieve a perfect, customized fit. The R241 provides excellent comfort in a feathery light shoe with pro-level stability. A curved, anatomical last creates a natural shoe-to-foot interface while a supple micro-fiber upper supplies a snug, supportive fit. Shimano shoes traditionally look pretty traditional. But this model has some flare with the blue accents. A lightweight hollow channel, weaved carbon fiber composite sole is ultra rigid. The upper material of the shoe regulates temperature through mesh panels and an anti-slip heel lining prevents heel lift. The fit isenhanced through an easy-to-use top buckle and ratchet system, while two off-set straps eliminate pressure points. Shimano has its own oven that is necessary to mold the shoe, and you should seek out someone trained in this process to reap the full benefits of this innovative technology, but many people find it to fit great right out of the box.
Shimano SH-RP3W Shoes - Women's
$108.00 - $120.00 $120.00 Up to 10% Off
Shimano’s RP3W gets you on the road with comfort, versatility, and a great, women's-specific fit. Make your road rides more comfortable and efficient with pro-level features like the RP3’s pressure-relieving offset straps and efficient, fiberglass-reinforced soles. Shimano's Air Intake system brings air in the shoe's front to pick up heat and moisture and vents it out sole's exhaust ports to keep your feet dry and comfortable. And, the RP3 can use standard SPD cleats with an adapter (sold separately), so you can hammer out a quick indoor cycling session without having to bring your own pedals.
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