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Commuter Bike Guide

Avoid Traffic And Stress

Change the pace and commute by bike! It’s a win-win for you and the environment—you reap the rewards of daily stress-reducing exercise, spend less money on gas and parking, all while reducing your carbon footprint.
Whether you’re cruising to happy hour or taking the bike lane to the office cycling is the best way to go. Commuting by bike increases your awareness of the sights, smells, and sounds that make up your community. There are several styles to suit every rider and every commute, let us help you find your perfect ride

Trek Dual Sport 2 Gen 4
$749.99 - $789.99 $789.99 Up To 5% Savings
Dual Sport 2 is a go-anywhere hybrid bike that performs on a variety of sur...
Bombtrack Bicycle Company Arise Geared
$1,849.99 - $1,959.99
Offroad commuter, urban hauler, beer & café bike, a once-in-a-while gravel-...
Pure Cycles City Step-Through Bike - 8 Speed
With its sweeping curves, the Pure City Step-Through has the classic look o...
Trek FX 1 Stagger Disc
FX 1 Disc Stagger is a hybrid bike with a classic stepthrough frame design ...
Pure Cycles Urban Commuter
Hybrid doesn't do it justice. When we sat down to engineer our urban commut...
Giant Escape 3
$530.00 $550.00 4% Savings
With its lightweight ALUXX aluminum frame, confident handling and fast-roll...
Momentum iRide UX 3S
$530.00 $950.00 44% Savings
From rough city streets to park paths and beyond, the versatile UX hybrid c...
Trek FX 3 Disc
$899.99 - $1,049.99 $899.99 - $1,049.99 Up To 14% Savings
FX 3 Disc is a versatile hybrid bike that's primed for performance, comfort...

Bikes For Every Commute


Multi-speed city bikes offer you the versatility to stop for groceries after work or explore rural roads on the weekend. Having gears takes the burn out of hills while allowing you to maintain speed on flat sections. Many of these commuter bikes have rack and fender mounts.


Linking your commute with public transportation can save time, but a full-size bike can be tough to handle in limited spaces. A folding bike transforms into a smaller size that is easily carried. Once folded, it can fit inside the trunk of a car or under your desk at work.

The Basics

Singlespeed bikes need little regular maintenance and—due to their lack of moving parts—can be highly reliable. They consist of one freewheel and brakes so there is nothing else to get in the way of your ride.

Take it to the next level with a fixed gear bike. These bikes don't coast and often don't have brakes, so they require some added skill to ride.

Gear For Your Commute

Bike commuting awakens you to the sights, smells, and sounds of your community.

Start Commuting Now